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Taocodao is reshaping the crowdfunding landscape by introducing a groundbreaking
Continuous Securities Offering (CSO) model, poised to supersede traditional Initial Coin
Offerings (ICOs). This innovative approach enables organizations to secure financing
without compromising equity or governance rights. By leveraging realized revenues as
collateral, Taocodao issues fully digital securities, or TAOs, offering immediate liquidity
and maximizing investor returns through a blended primary and secondary market. With
a focus on long-term investment, the Continuous Organization, supported by the
Decentralized Autonomous Organization Trust (DAOT), streamlines fundraising and
ensures resilience to market fluctuations.

Key Features

Seamless integration of primary (DAOT) and secondary markets reduces
price volatility and ensures immediate liquidity for TAOs, providing a
favorable environment for investors.

Automated Market Mechanisms
DAOT as the Central Bank

The DAOT functions as the organization's central bank, dynamically
managing TAO supply to meet market demands. This mechanism
stabilizes prices and safeguards investor interests.

A unique buyback reserve, fueled by organization revenues, increases the
value of TAOs. Stored in the DAOT, this reserve guarantees immediate
liquidity and enhances minimum sell prices, boosting investor returns.

Buyback Reserve System
Continuous Fundraising

Taocodao's Continuous Organization enables uninterrupted fundraising,
allowing investors to buy and sell TAOs anytime. TAO supply fluctuations
directly translate into funding for the organization, ensuring financial

Customer Reviews

Taocodao's crowdfunding platform has transformed the way we raise funds for our organization. It's transparent, efficient, and easy to use.
I've been using Taocodao for my crowdfunding campaigns and it's been a game-changer. The platform is user-friendly and the support team is always available to help.


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shallow focus photography of smiling man doing peace sign

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