With a strong technical foundation, regulatory compliance focus, and dedicated team, Taocodao is poised to revolutionize crowdfunding.
brown wooden house on lake
brown wooden house on lake
Taocodao has made significant strides in the development of its CSO platform:
1. Technical Design and Prototyping:
A comprehensive technical design and a functional prototype for the Web
3.0 crowdfunding platform have been created, running on the Ethereum
network with DAI as the payout cryptocurrency.
2. Smart Contract Development:
Smart contracts for the DAOT, buy and sell functions, and other essential
components have been successfully developed, demonstrating the team's
technical prowess.

3. CDAO Protocol Innovation:
The team has pioneered the Continuous Decentralized Autonomous
Organization (CDAO) protocol, laying the foundation for cutting-edge
advancements in decentralized organizational structures

Use Case

Incentivizing employees is a
key topic in any successful organization. Unfortunately, today's
mechanisms are far from being perfect, especially for private
organizations whose shares are not publicly listed. Instead of directly
giving employees equity or offering stock options, an organization
could use a DAOT to provide their employees with inalienable, liquid
TAOs aligned with the success of the organization

Long-term Employee Incentivization
people standing on brown wooden bridge during daytime
people standing on brown wooden bridge during daytime
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woman in blue jacket standing beside red car during daytime
brown wooden bridge at daytime
brown wooden bridge at daytime
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person holding pencil near laptop computer
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four handheld tools on board
Organizations with large contributive communities

As of now, it
is very legally and technically difficult to incentivize communities
financially. If you have a platform business at a late stage (Airbnb,
Uber, Yelp-like) and wish to further engage your community in your
platform, you start a CO by setting up a DAOT. Obviously, you would
not funnel 100% of your revenues to the CO immediately but would
instead perhaps commit to buying a certain amount of TAOs of the
DAOT every month. This way, you can very simply financially align
your community with the success of your business. Plus, you can use
the TAOs to distribute them in the way you prefer to your community,
employees etc...

Early startups bootstrapping their network effect.

founders who develop marketplaces or any 2-sided network always
face a chicken-and-egg problem. By setting up a CO and using
TAOs, they can solidly incentivize early adopters to join and
contribute by aligning them with the long-term success of the project.
Unlike today, TAOs give early adopters the opportunity to get a TAO
part of the platform's upside value that they create by joining and
contributing early

Real estate tokenization

Given that investors in Continuous
Organizations are buying TAOs in anticipation of future cash-flows, it
would make a great deal of sense to use COs to buy and tokenize
real estate. Indeed, real estate is a well-known provider of steady and
predictable cash-flows, and so such a project could create a CO to
finance the acquisition of real estate and provide its investors with
predictable returns

Organization-less online communities

You don't need a
pre-existing organization to create a CO, nor do you need to
incorporate one. Let's say you have a business idea and want to start
a CO out of a purely online community. The beneficiary of the DAOT
could simply be a multisig wallet with the project leaders, the DAOT
would pre-mint TAOs to distribute/incentivize the community and the
D parameter of the DAOT would be set rather high to trigger
significant rewards to the community when revenues are generated.